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At vetXpress, we’re trying to change the veterinary experience, one visit at a time. We want our clinic to set a higher standard of caring that hasn’t been seen in veterinary medicine in a long time. We’re like an old-fashioned vet (but with all the newest medicine and surgery). You know…the kind of doctor who called you out of the blue because he missed seeing your dog and was just thinking of you. That’s the kind of attention and service that we want to provide, every day with every interaction.

We’re different from other vet clinics in a lot of ways. First, we involve our clients in every step of the process because we consider them an important member of the team. We want to develop a medical plan that works for you and your pet. That means making recommendations but also working together to settle on a strategy that you feel comfortable with…even if that means not taking our advice. We’re here to support and help you, not to pass judgment. After all, you know what’s best for your animal friend.

Another way we’re different from other vets you may have visited is that we’re incredibly open and honest – particularly about pricing. We’ll always tell you the cost of anything before it’s done. We do this because we believe you have a right to make the most informed decisions about your pet’s care. We understand that like most of us, you’re probably on a budget, and we’re more than happy to work within those guidelines.

Even the atmosphere inside our facility is unique. We try to keep things light and positive whenever possible, sharing our own stories with our clients. This allows us to really connect with people on a personal level. Of course, the real difference is how we treat our patients. We’re all about the squeezy cheese, and trust us – your dog will be too. Cats….well, they’re not as easily influenced. With them, we focus on gentle handling techniques and letting them know how ferocious we think they are.

The bottom line is, we want to make your pet’s life better and, in turn, make your life better too. We know our stuff but at the same time, we’re kind and funny. We’ll treat you like family and love your pet as if he or she were our very own. That’s our pledge to you. If this sounds good, then come on in and see us today!



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