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Practice Manager

Maria grew up in North Carolina and lived in central Florida for a few years during her early schooling. Growing up, her family constantly had dogs and horses, and Maria was even involved in horse shows through the 4H program. In high school, she won 1st place in six classes at the state 4H show! Maria has been able to transform her early passion for animals into a rewarding career in veterinary medicine.

Although she’d always loved animals, Maria chose a career in loss prevention at first. One day, she decided it was time to do something different—she found a job posting for a Veterinary Assistant position and applied. Within six months, she’d been promoted to Practice Manager! Now she’s worked in the field for nearly a decade, and has been the Practice Manager of vetXpress since opening day in 2011.

Maria’s favorite part of her job is educating clients on pet vaccinations and preventative care. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing that “click” of understanding! Of course, Maria also loves spending time with new puppies and kittens around the clinic. Maria and her husband, Patrick, have two sons named Hayden and Peyton. The family has two dogs: Andy, an adopted poodle mix, and Bravo, a longhaired dachshund who’s been with Maria’s family since he was only eight weeks old.

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Veterinary Assistant

After high school, Caryn applied at a local animal hospital even though she had no real-world experience. She was told she wouldn’t be hired because of her lack of experience, and Caryn demanded to know how she was supposed to get experience if no one ever gave her a chance. That was all it took—Caryn was hired right then and there, and has worked in the veterinary field ever since!

Caryn grew up in the tri-city area. She met Dr. Ereio through another veterinarian at a clinic where Caryn used to work. One day, she overheard Dr. Ereio mention he was starting a new clinic in the area. Caryn promptly introduced herself and asked for the job. Later she was invited to join the new team.

As a Veterinary Assistant, Caryn especially enjoys new puppy and kitten visits. Helping a new pet owner understand the responsibilities required of them is extremely gratifying for her. Medically, she likes X-raying patients. Caryn lives in Disputanta with her husband, Matt, and their young daughter. The family has four dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, and a fish. Most of Caryn’s free time is spent with her daughter. Together, they enjoy watching movies, making crafts, playing board games, and hanging out with their pets.

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Veterinary Assistant, Surgery Assistant

Ever since she can remember, Heather has adored the company of animals. As a kid, she would constantly bird-watch, lift up rocks to find insects, and bring home baby snakes and geckos for her mother to find later! She became a veterinary assistant to get her foot in the door of the veterinary world.

Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Heather grew up as a “military brat” and moved around a lot as a child. It was here in Virginia that she secured her first veterinary job. Heather’s mother was working as a receptionist at a local vet clinic, but needed to leave to help run her family’s restaurant. She told her employer all about her daughter, and Heather was hired! It wasn’t long before Heather was promoted to a Veterinary Assistant position.

After a few years, Heather decided she needed a change of scenery and wanted to work for a clinic with a close-knit family vibe. It was then that she noticed a new practice that had just opened down the road. That clinic was vetXpress, and Heather knew from the day she came in for an interview that it was where she needed to be!

Heather lives with her fiancé and their little band of misfit pets. Gimli is a dachshund/chocolate lab mix who loves cuddling; Faeden is Heather’s anxiety-driven Chihuahua; Tula is a three-legged tabby cat; and Donatello is a male tabby who was born with a crooked tail. Outside of work, Heather enjoys hiking with her dogs, reading in her hammock, swimming, and spending time with her friends.

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Veterinary Assistant

When she was a kid, Staci’s family dog got into an accident and grew up with only three legs. Ever since, Staci always wanted to learn all she could about animal care. A career in veterinary medicine simply made sense!

Staci grew up in Newport News, Virginia. Her mother was friends with a veterinarian, and expressed Staci’s passion for animal care to the doctor. This connection gave Staci her first veterinary job as a Kennel Assistant!

Staci particularly enjoys answering clients’ questions about weight management. She’s also very interested in animal behavior and loves educating others about behavioral issues. At home, Staci has several pets: Echo, her first pet who weighed only eight ounces when Staci adopted her; Delight, a Labrador; Butterz, a pit bull rescue; Mole, the only male pet in the house; and Addie, the youngest of the bunch.

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Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Mikayla grew up in Goochland with her parents and a great variety of pets. At one point, the family had two dogs, a cat, four guinea pigs, a pair of birds, two fish, 22 chickens, a rooster, six turkeys, and 13 rabbits! It wasn’t hard for Mikayla to fall in love with animal care early on in life. Her passion simply never wavered—she’s now a Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist here at vetXpress.

Mikayla’s pet-care path began when she started pet-sitting for family friends on her days off. Next, she secured a job at a local animal clinic. After a brief period working as a delivery person and pet-sitting in her spare time, Mikayla rejoined the veterinary world and is now a proud member of the vetXpress family. She’s especially fond of using her skills to soothe nervous or uncomfortable pets during their time here at the hospital.

Outside of work, Mikayla likes baking, crafting, reading, exercising at the gym, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She has one dog, Waya, as well as a pair of adorable cats named Beatrix and Alice.

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