Nutrition & Weight Management

Did you know that the food you’re giving your pet every day might not actually be meeting his or her nutritional needs?

Every pet is unique, and animals in various stages of life require different ingredients to support their individual needs and lifestyles. At vetXpress, we want to help bring out the very best in every pet we serve. We know it starts with a balanced diet and a healthy weight. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a customized diet and fitness plan designed to help your companion achieve optimum health.

Finding the Right Food

The first thing we’ll do is evaluate your companion to figure out what his or her specific nutritional needs are. There are a lot of factors that go into making this determination. For instance, what your pet currently weighs, his or her breed and age, and whether or not there are any existing health problems. We will weigh all of these things and make our recommendations. We’ll advise you on what food, as well as how much and how frequently, your pet should eat for best results.

Tackling Those Extra Pounds

There’s no doubt about it. Chubby pets are adorable. Unfortunately, as cute as those extra pounds my make your pet look, they could become a serious health concern. Overweight animals have a higher risk of developing chronic medical conditions like arthritis and diabetes. On the other side of the coin, pets that don’t weigh enough are more likely to get sick or become injured. We’ll figure out exactly where the scale should tip for your pet and develop an action plan to reach that target weight.

Making the Necessary Adjustments

Finally, over the course of your pet’s lifetime, changes to his or her body and health care needs will naturally occur. Along with these changes, it’s important that corresponding diet and exercise plan adaptations are also made. At various intervals, such as the transition from puppy or kittenhood into adulthood, we will evaluate our approach. Any modifications can then be implemented to ensure that your pet continues to maintain the highest level of health and fitness.

You are what you eat, and so is your pet. Don’t wait – call today for a professional nutritional analysis!



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