Does your pet’s upcoming surgery have you feeling anxious?

Your pet is a special member of the family, which is why bringing him or her in for surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience. At vetXpress, we want you to feel confident entrusting us with the surgical needs of your loved one. We work hard to create a safe, comfortable and positive experience for our surgical patients and their loving owners. Our doctors are experienced in performing a broad range of routine and advanced procedures.

Pre-Surgical Care and Preparation

Before moving forward with any surgical procedure, it’s important that we prepare ahead of time. First, we’ll sit down with you, explain our recommendations, discuss your concerns and help you understand what to expect. We prefer that all patients receive pre-surgical screening because this helps us to identify potential risks that may be less common. By planning ahead, we can avoid the unexpected and minimize these risks as much as possible. We’ll also develop a pain management plan that will focus on both comfort and safety.

Your Pet’s Procedure

The morning of surgery, we’ll be waiting to welcome you and get your pet checked in. We’ll go out of our way to ensure a calm, relaxing experience for your loved one. That means there will be plenty of cuddles and kisses to go around. Once settled, we will begin preparing for the procedure by gently sedating and relocating your pet to the surgery suite. Throughout the entire operation, the doctor and support staff will monitor your companion’s wellbeing. We will also take measures to reduce the amount of time your pet will need to be under anesthesia.

Some of the surgeries regularly performed in our clinic include:

  • General Surgery
  • Oral Surgery
  • RadioSurgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery (some)
  • Ophthalmic Surgery

Aftercare Process

Postoperative care is just as important as any other part of the surgical process. We want to ensure that your pet enjoys as calm and comfortable a recovery as possible. This begins the moment we wheel your pet out of the operating room. One of our dedicated team members will continue to monitor your companion as the anesthesia begins to wear off. While waiting for your arrival, we will make sure your loved one is relaxed and not in pain. Aftercare instructions will be provided to you prior to bringing your pet home.

Nervous about your pet’s upcoming procedure? Don’t be! We’ve got you covered. Give us a call to learn more.



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