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Pet Diagnostics

We provide the greatest medical treatment for your pets at vetXpress, and we have some of the most cutting-edge veterinary diagnostic technology. Diagnostic testing is frequently required to determine the cause of your pet’s ailment.

We understand how worried pet owners can be while awaiting the outcome of their beloved pets’ medical conditions. We are able to provide results that are both faster and more accurate. We have on-site radiography, as well as other imaging capabilities, and an on-site medical laboratory so you can obtain the findings you need quickly.

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Veterinary Radiology

The most common and useful tools for veterinary diagnostics are radiographs and X-rays. For our vets to give the correct treatment to an animal, they need an accurate diagnosis. Radiographs have the ability to show the pet’s bones and organs by penetrating the tissue using electromagnetic radiation. X-rays can be used to show fractured bones, heart problems, objects that have been swallowed, and many other things.

Veterinary Ultrasound
An ultrasound is taken when we need to know more; they are a safe, painless, and non-invasive procedure. We require an ultrasound to evaluate the internal organs, which provides us with a real-time moving image that allows us to see things that an X-ray cannot.

It helps us to determine the size, shape, internal structure, tissue density, and more of your pet’s organs. It can also be used to diagnose pregnancy and identify tumors or masses.

The procedure does not require sedation and can take around twenty minutes to one hour. We should be able to get a diagnosis immediately from the ultrasound, which means treatment options can be discussed on the same day.

Veterinary In-House Laboratory

Our on-site lab means we can perform tests on blood, urine, and fecal samples ourselves. The results we receive from these tests are just as important for diagnosis as an ultrasound or X-ray images. These results are helpful for assessing your pet’s health and also detecting any diseases or other conditions. Some of the common tests we run include:

  • Pre-Anesthetic Screenings
  • Comprehensive Screenings
  • Early-Detection Screenings
  • Urine Screenings